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Current Activities

Defining the Common Architecture & Catalogue of Tools

Establishing Working Groups (periodic meetings & sessions)

Governance Structure & Membership Agreement

Leverage Visibility at HiPEAC, Launch Event, Website & Materials (demonstrators & Success Stories & Catalogue)

We pursue creating an Alliance

we are creating an alliance of organizations interested in technologies & tools related to heterogeneous hardware:

development operations and optimization

of energy, performance & more

Latest News

We are glad to see that our Alliance is growing constantly by incorporating relevant projects and organizations in the context of Heterogeneity challenge. Currently 9 research projects and 4 academic and industrial institutions belong to the Alliance by providing their view, competences and tools to solve the numerous challenges in front of us. We expect to keep this growth in the future and especially after our joint first workshop at HIPEAC Conference 2018 where we will show to attendees our objectives and activities to engage more partners in this interesting journey!


HiPEAC Computing Systems Week: HiPEAC is organizing the upcoming Autumn Computing Systems Week in Stuttgart, Germany, on October 25th-27th.
TANGO Project will be there and will be a good opportunity to talk with the team and learn about the current activities of the Heterogeneity Alliance

The members of Hetereogeneity Alliance have proposed to organize a workshop at next HIPEAC conference that will take place in Manchester from 22 to 24 January 2018.
They are waiting for confirmation of acceptance. More information will be provided soon.

TANGO, Hercules, SHARCS, EcoScale, RAPID and P-Socrates projects join forces in the Hetereogeneity Alliance to come up with a reference architecture for addressing the current and future challenges about hardware and software hetereogeneity. The six projects are approaching different aspects to deal with hetereogeneous hardware and how software should be designed and developed in this context, and now all together plan to deliver a common and holistic architecture that cover all possible aspects .